California Pt.2: Day 2 (Market & Japan Town)

After Expa, Rudy took us for a tour around San Francisco.

DSC 0234

We walked around the market and ended up near the piers.

DSC 0243

Last time, Annie and I drove past here, but we didn’t have a chance to explore it.

DSC 0236

It pretty much had everything you could imagine (at extraordinary prices). There’s no shortage of ways to spend money around here.

DSC 0237

You can even grow you own shrooms.

DSC 0238

Nice selection of cured pork.

DSC 0239

And of course cheeses. Thanks Rudy for the hookup!

DSC 0241

After walking for a while, we decided to get a late lunch. Here’s my clam chowder… this bowl was legit.

DSC 0246

Later, we stopped by Japan town to do some touristy things.

DSC 0248

And touristy photos.

DSC 0253

Pretty much every shop was packed to the ceilings with nick nacks.

DSC 0259

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