California Pt.4: Day 3 (Fort Funston)

As you’ll notice, getting up early and watching the sunrise was a nice ritual Annie and I started on our trip… however, Annie was too tired to get up, so I took some photos.

DSC 0270

This photo was taking from Patrick’s apartment. Pretty nice view.

DSC 0306

Later, we went to Fort Funston, a park near San Francisco. You really don’t get the scale of the park in this photo, but that trail is nearly 45 degrees.

DSC 0287

We walked around and snapped a couple photos. I was probably a little stupid and got too close to the edge. Won’t be doing that anymore—I’ve seen youtube videos of people falling to their doom. It’s no joke!

DSC 0290

Apparently the park was some sort of military base, as a first line of defense against an invasion.

DSC 0291

They camouflaged artillery with foliage and dug tunnels to house massive cannons.

DSC 0293

It seemed like there was a view 360 degrees. On one side, you have a beautiful coastline. On the other side, you have civilization (and a golf course).

DSC 0292

I’d probably need a couple more days just to walk around and explore the area.

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