California PT.5: Day 3 (Point Reyes)

So on our way to Point Reyes, we took the scenic route, cutting through the forest and mountains.

DSC 0313

As you can see, Annie enjoying the view of the mountains and the coastline.

DSC 0312

And of course, Annie wanted her selfie. Had to use the flash on this one. ^_^

DSC 0317

The drive was awesome. You can’t really tell phone this photo, but the road undulated the entire way up, down and around.

DSC 0319

It was kind of like skiing, but with 4 wheels. (Ps. Thanks Patrick for lending us your S2000!!)

DSC 0324

I should mention that last time Annie and I went here, we kind of got lost and ended up somewhere completely off the grid. This time around, we kind of knew what we were doing.

DSC 0321

I can’t really express how beautiful the experience was. The variety and change in scenery each mile was overwhelming.

DSC 0330

And here’s a photo by Annie—she *had* to take photos of the deer. I’m not sure why, but it was interesting for her. Lol.

DSC 0338

And now we arrive at what is arguably my favorite part of the trip. This is the California coastline (near Point Reyes) bathed in a sunset. The colors are reminiscent of Dali’s paintings.

DSC 0344

Simply breath taking. I only wish I had that view all the time.

DSC 0350

And finally we arrive at the lighthouse.

DSC 0349

Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed off… but we still got to see another sunset from a stellar view.

DSC 0370

The sun touching down.

DSC 0386

And look at the gnarly rock. Years of erosion caused the unusual formation.

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