2015 AddThis Kickoff

Last night after all the kick off meetings, we had a company dinner at Sakura’s.

2015 panoramic

This is a stitched panorama of the party. Looks like people had a great time.

DSC 3597

A picture of Josh and the gang, enjoying some hibachi.

DSC 3638

Dave was 50% catch ratio. Not bad!

DSC 3640

Here are the young bloods toasting to a great year.

DSC 3644

Look at these trouble makers.

DSC 3646

And the pic of the evening goes to Steve Donnelly.

DSC 3652

It’s crazy to see how things have grown.

DSC 3658

We’re getting to a size that I don’t know every single person. I guess photography helps me introduce myself—getting to know everyone is part of the job.

DSC 3664

And there’s Jake. He was so shy.

DSC 3667

And the product and marketing folks that make AddThis sing.

DSC 3670

I know this picture is grainy, but I had to get a picture of the 3 wise men.

DSC 3673

What a fantastic team. Looking forward to big things in 2015.

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