Tour of Contactually

Over the weekend, Brandon (one of my old colleagues) showed me his new gig at Contactually. He’s got a pretty good thing going there, in terms of space and growth. I’m digging the culture and took some notes.

DSC 3720

As you can see, the space is open. That little fence is to keep the dogs in. They’ve got about 6 or 7 roaming around during the day.

DSC 3704

Here’s a pic of some of the future in their entrance. Apparently someone over there has a knack for cool stuff. The chairs aren’t comfortable, but boy they’re cool.

DSC 3721

When you first enter, you notice that they’re packed in there like sardines. I can’t imagine how loud it gets there… but I bet it’s pretty crazy.

DSC 3727

I’m serious, it’s pretty packed in there. I mean, if someone farted, the entire office would know immediately.

DSC 3724

Here’s a pic of Brandon’s desk. I’m really impressed by how far he’s come in such a short time. I only expect great things coming from the things he touches.

DSC 3725

I’m not entirely sure what their company does, but their culture starts to make sense by the barrage of posters around their office.

DSC 3744

This one was great.

DSC 3743

LOL. It’s nice to see that kind of environment. I kind of miss those days.

DSC 3728

They have a pretty cool kitchen. Really nice layout… I’m going to have to borrow from this in the future.

DSC 3733

And their conference rooms. These are pretty cool. Kind of reminds me of the photos of the pixar studios.

DSC 3738

It definitely looks cooler on the outside. I think the inside needs some work. Hah!

DSC 3739

This is where their engineers work.

DSC 3741

One of their lead engineers is a cowboy. He broke the rules and built his own desk out of cardboard.

DSC 3745

And they have a pretty cool basement. It’s probably too cluttered with furniture, but it has potential.

Anyway, thanks Brandon for giving me a tour of Contactually. You guys have an awesome space, and it looks like the sky’s the limit.

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