Hanging with Patrick Pt. 2

Here are some more photos of our afternoon.

DSC 3957

Patrick’s latest addition to the stable. Sounds like this was the one he originally wanted.

DSC 4005

Every time I visit, I feel like the motorcycles multiply. ^_^

DSC 4006

And his s2000. He’s taken excellent care of it.

DSC 3959

A pic of Jiajia making some bubble tea. Gotta love the bokeh of a f1.4 lens. ^_^

DSC 3972

After bubble tea, Jaijia continues to work on her caligraphy.

DSC 3978

Congrats to her on a second internship with Google. Pretty impressive accomplishment at such a young age.

DSC 3997

Here’s chairman meow striking a pose.

DSC 4007

Later that evening, we stopped by Fort Funston, in the hopes of catching a sunset. However, all we got was fog.

DSC 4015

It’s amazing how the temperature and weather changes.

DSC 4017

California is filled with micro climates—one second you’ve got sunshine, the next, you’ve got fog.

DSC 4043

Later that evening, we went to grab some shanghai dumplings with his roomates.

DSC 4045

Oh yeh, that’s where it’s at.

DSC 4044

Some sort of braised sweet beef.

DSC 4046


DSC 4047

Scallion pancakes. Jiajia, thanks for dinner! It was delicious.

DSC 4048

Finally, we went out for bubble tea.

DSC 4050

These guys love their bubble tea.

Cheers guys! Thanks for such a great time. ^_^

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    • Lol. you don’t have to drop THAT much… unless you look at full frame gear. you can get a cropped sensor body for $200 used, and the nikon 35mm f1.8 dx lens for another $200. that would give some really nice results.

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