Tour of SmugMug

While I was out in Cali, I had a chance to meet an old friend and comrade of mine, Philip. He wanted to show me his new gig, SmugMug.

DSC 4053

Here’s the entrance.

DSC 4055

When you first go in, you’ll see photos covering every wall, including the floors. Just to get to the top of the stairs takes a couple minutes because there are so many stories behind each photo.

DSC 4056

As you walk up to the second floor, you get the sense of quirkiness and a laid back kind of environment.

DSC 4058

There’s definitely a theme of large awesome photos from their customers, as well as a strange assortment of furniture. While the chairs look comfy, this room is a little crowded with furniture.

DSC 4060

There are photos of their team, most of which are family members. SmugMug is a family operated company that hasn’t taken any funding. Pretty amazing that they’ve stayed competitive for the last decade. Props to any company that can do it without taking a mortgage.

DSC 4061

Here’s a pic of their café. They’re actually remodeling their kitchen, and from the sounds of it, they have a legit chef that comes in to cook.

DSC 4062

While most of the space is dark, there are occasional sky lights that let in a fair bit of natural light.

DSC 4063

Almost every surface is plastered with photos, filled with rich detail and history.

DSC 4064

Here’s a pic of San Francisco during the great fire. How the photographer managed to get this photo is beyond me. There’s a diagram of the setup, and it uses a kite. It’s mind boggling.

DSC 4066

One of their developers had to hack together their own office/castle. You’ve got to love the energy of engineers. ^_^

DSC 4068

There are actually office rooms for all the employees. Unlike the open space, these walls provide visual screening, but are semi-open, letting in ambient noise.

DSC 4070

I guess the semipermeable walls could be a good and bad thing. Probably not awesome if you have someone really noisy next to you. Noisy neighbors could be a bummer.

DSC 4071

I mean seriously, some of these landscapes are incredible. And to see them blown up to a wall mural is astonishing.

DSC 4073

And there’s always something on tap. I’m talking about the exquisite, obscure, and most desired beers. These guys are serious about their brew.

DSC 4065

Thanks Philip, for giving me a tour of your new gig. The space is pretty interesting, and the relationships that your company has built with customers is remarkable.

By the way, Philip is going to be a dad soon. Congrats to him and his wife! Hopefully I can be other there again soon to check out the kiddo when he/she arrives. ^_^ Cheers buddy!

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