Back to DC

It’s been two weeks now in San Francisco, and now I’m on my flight back to DC. I can say with certainly the following things:


1. The last two weeks have felt like 2 months. The pace is fast, and the race is on.


2. My network in SF is truly talented. I am pushed, challenged and encouraged by everyone around me. The density of talent in this area just blows my mind.


3. I am now obsessed with learning everything I can from this opportunity. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I haven’t learned something massive.


4. It is clear that I need to be in SF to take advantage of my new network and build things faster. Being there gives me front row seats.


5. We need to move faster on Flare. We are putting a lot of process in place to understand the mechanics of everything… but it’s time to but we need to focus on delivering builds faster, iterating on designs/research, and we need to get this thing to grow.


As I reflect on all the things I’ve learned in the past two weeks, I realize that I probably should start blogging a little more and sharing the little nuggets that I’ve picked up.


I’ll be in DC for the next two weeks to sell off more of my stuff and prepping my condo for rental. I certainly need to spend time with Annie and my family, but I need to get back to SF as soon as possible to keep the momentum.

One thought on “Back to DC

  1. I’ve never been to proud of my sketchbook > Let me take this mmeont to call you a weirdo. 🙂 I think your sketchbook is gorgeous and inventive, and am definitely looking forward to seeing more of it! And your new painting at the top of this post is so lovely I’m loving the lighting and shadows you captured in it. I’m sorry to hear that your hometown is the victim of wildfires this year, and hope that your family and friends come through it free from damage!

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