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Since I’ve moved to SF, I’ve completely downsized my lifestyle. I sold my condo, cars, and most of my personal belongings. I can pretty much carry all my essentials stuff in two small suit cases.

I live in a 500 sq ft apartment next to the bay bridge. If you haven’t already noticed from the photo, I pretty much have my el cheapo bed, table, chairs, and christmas lights. As for entertainment, I have my xbox, a short throw projector, and a set of bose computer speakers.

I’d love to ship my nice speakers and receiver out here, but it’d be a hassle to move around. Who knows how long I’ll be out here. Rent seems to be going up, and I’m not sure how much higher I can go before I tap out. I may have to start looking for something cheaper for next year.


For what it’s worth, I’m learning a lot—more on that soon. For now, I’m going to enjoy my time here and soak in the view. I’ll be honest, it’s actually kind of nice having less stuff.

2 thoughts on “My SF Studio

  1. Tam,Your link to the Galco Speed Master holster shows it's for 2.5" K-Frame Model 19. L-Frame Model 696 will still work ok in that? (Been looking for good leather for my own 696, hence my as.kng.i.)

  2. pentru mine a fost o surpriză. nu că n-ar fi meritată poziÅ£ia, ba poate chiar mai mult din punctul meu de vedere (este, alături de un altul la care Å£i-am trimis incident un link acum vreo câteva zile, blogul pe care mi-am petrecut cel mai mult timp în ultima lună ÅŸi ceva de când l-am descoperit [nu c-ar fi prea multe cele pe care le citesc]). dar n-aÅŸ fi putut spune că e un loc ‘cool’ :).(ps răutăcios: nu ÅŸtiu câţi dintre cei care te linkeaza apreciază cu adevărat gustul ceaiului tău 🙂

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