Hiking at Diamond Heights and Mt. Davidson Park


I spent the afternoon hiking around some new parks in San Francisco. I figured it was a nice day to get some fresh air. At the end of the day I was able to snag this photo


So, the afternoon started with me taking the metro and a bus to Diamond Heights.


I honestly didn’t know where I was going, so I just kept hiking. I took a little back yard trail for about a quarter mile.


The trail took me past a couple different neighborhoods. If you look closely, I think these are made of giant shipping containers.


When I finally arrived at the park, the landscape started opening up, revealing a miniature canyon (on the right).


It’s a nice trail, and makes for interesting photography because of the way the canyon casts a shadow.


Some of the rock formations were pretty cool… It’s almost like something you’d see in Skyrim.


As I walked through the park, I was chasing the light, heading west.


I finished Diamond Heights pretty quickly, and figured I could catch some more pictures on Mt. Davidson Park. Little did I know, it was one hell of an incline to get there. Some of those hills were pretty brutal.


As I got near the top, I saw an MG in excellent condition. Whoever owned this really took care of it.


And when I got to the top of Mt. Davidson, I waited for an opportunity to snap a pic of San Francisco at night.


Here’s a panoramic of 10 stitched photos looking east-ish.


And that concludes my hike. I took the bus and metro home. It’s pretty easy to get to, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to check out the skyline at night, as an alternative to Twin Peaks—it’s less crowded at Mt. Davidson.

I’ll be back in the future to capture the sunrise. Stay tuned!

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