Street Photography in SF


Homeless man with a sign that reads, “I need $24 for bus so I can make family court hearing on time and not lose my parental rights to my daughters”.

On my way back to the Apple store, I snapped a couple of pics. this is my attempt at some street photography in San Francisco. I need to read up more about street photography—it seems that SF could provide an incredible canvas to explore.


Photographer taking candid portraits of strangers walking by.


Photographer taking a picture of a woman and offering to show her his work.

This is probably some famous street photographer… or he could be a creepy old man taking pictures of random people—I’ll let you decide. He snapped a picture of an asian woman walking by and offered to show the photo to her.

Oh yeh, he’s using a pretty serious telephoto lens. I’m going to take a wild guess and say he’s using a Canon 200mm F2. That lens retails for $5,699 on B&H.


The sun setting between the streets of San Fancisco.


Man preaching religion and his faith in the busiest part of Mission St.

Everyone here has some sort of story. One of my buddies (Aram Taghavi) recommended to check out Humans of New York. This photographer captures candid stories told by individuals living in New York. It could be a good inspiration point for some of the stuff I’m working on now.

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