Testing out YouTube content

As I create new content on YouTube, I realize that I have a lot of skills that I’ve learned over the years to help me test and find an audience. Since I have a little more time on my hands right now (by choice), I’m going to be publishing more videos. While I want the general direction to focus on health and fitness, I think it’s easy to try new things while my channel is still very small.

My latest video is actually a long form video that demonstrates an entire work out on the Tonal Smart Gym. I created another video about Tonal that performed better than average, and it was just me talking to the camera. The funny thing is that I didn’t spend much time on that video. I simply talk about things that would have made the Tonal smarter. You can watch the video here.

This newer video was a little more complex because I used 3 cameras to shoot it. This required me to edit a little more to make sure that the angles captured what I wanted as well as getting the audio right. I had two microphones (one pointing at the Tonal, and another lav mic on me wired to my iPhone). If anything, this took more effort to put together, in addition to taking the thumbnail photo at the top.

I’m not sure if this video will perform well, but I certainly enjoyed making it. I’m going to test out some more content around the Tonal soon, so stay tuned. Until then, check out some of the screenshots below—you can get an idea of the angles I used.

A Cam, cropped in

A Cam

B Cam

Go Pro

You can watch my latest video about Tonal here.

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