Trail Running with a Cinema Camera

Yesterday evening I went for nice walk around Little Bennet Regional Park. I had a late start because I had… bathroom issues… let’s just say I was driving there, and I had to turn around because I drank too much coffee. After getting to the park, I was able to walk around for several hours, but the hike bled into the evening which honestly got me a little nervous. I was pretty deep in the woods, but fortunately I had all the gear needed to push through and finish up quickly.

I have this little el-cheapo head lamp that I used, and fortunately I had enough cardio to run through the woods for a couple of miles without a problem. What was once a easy stroll became a evening trail run. As I completed this hike, I really appreciated the amazing low light capabilities of the FX3, but to be honest, I felt like I probably could have done most of the hike with either my phone or a go pro. While the quality of the FX3 is superior, the stabilization of the new go pros are just rock steady.

Whatever it is, I just love the visual quality of the FX3… it has that film-like quality. But it’s without a doubt a pain in the ass to vlog with… and even harder to do a trail run with.

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