Rumor: Bigger iPhone 6


Apple Reportedly Testing Bigger iPhone And iPad Screens, Starting Production On New 9.7″ iPad

Apple is reportedly testing out bigger iPhone and iPad screen designs, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. The Mac maker has been asking its supplier partners for prototype screens in sizes in excess of four inches, and also just shy of 12-inches, which would make the resulting devices both larger than the current 4-inch display-toting iPhone 5, or the 9.7-inch full-sized iPad.

Both the next iPad and the next iPhone will keep their current screen sizes, according to the WSJ and other rumor sources, so don’t expect these immediately. But the fact that Apple is playing with its options at least brings up the possibility that we could see big changes around the corner. –Techcrunch

About damn time. I was really starting to lose faith in the iPhone. While I love the retina screen, it’s just too small compared to the other phones out there. I’d like to get rid of the idea of having a phone and tablet. Yes, I’m in the market for a “Fahad