Too Cute: Jack

Here are some photos of Jack. He’s such an adorable little guy.

DSC 2681

He’s such a good boy.

DSC 2683

Here’s a photo of him when he knows we’re talking about him.

DSC 2689

Jack trying to walk my dad.

DSC 2710

Jack showing us his favorite areas around the river house.

DSC 2784

Here’s his christmas gift. He love little bones and strings.

DSC 2919

How could you say no to this little guy?

Photos of Jack and Jada

I figured I’d share some photos of Jack and Jada. I was playing around with my camera, and it turns out that my old 17-55mm f2.8 DX lens performs pretty darn well on my D600. There’s a little distortion, but I actually kind of like it. I was going to sell off the lens, but I might actually keep it now. Unfortunately, it only really works from 35-55mm. Once you drop down to 28mm, the vignetting gets a little extreme.

Jack, waiting for food.

DSC 2120

Jada needs a bath.

DSC 2127

Jack is too big for his bed.

DSC 2139

Jack at 55mm f2.8.

DSC 2162

Jada at 85mm f1.8.

DSC 2160