AddThis Hackathon

Hackathon is probably one of my favorite events at AddThis. I worked on a couple of projects with a variety of folks last thursday/friday. Surprisingly, we won first place for our Telepresence Robot, and third place for an indoor garden.


Using an old Roomba vacuum, a laptop, and some scraps, we were able to build a fully functional telepresence robot. One of our engineers from NYC was controlling it for our presentation. And the best part was that we weaponized it with a USB nerf gun. Huge high five to Sol, Dan, Josh, Aditya and Foo.

Here’s a photo of Sol giving the preso.


Here’s a video of the robot in action. You can watch a longer video of the Robot moving around here.

A close up of the robot.


Here’s the interface I hacked together that controlled the robot.


Here’s a photo of the pillar I created. I just used a couple scraps of foam core and hot glued them together with some ribs. It’s a pretty ridged setup.


The other hackathon project that won 3rd place was a simple garden. It’s just a variety of herbs, flowers and bonsai plants. Big high five to Josh, Ror, Elizabeth and Dullah for pulling this off.


A close up photo of some of the plants.


Here’s the starter nursery. We’ll have something to show in a few weeks.


Spider plants, donated by Annie’s mother plant. These cuttings will take root in a few weeks and will be planted into pots.




Fern garden! Woo too!


So we got a ton accomplished in a short amount of time. I’m honored to be part of such a talented team.

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