Cast Iron vs Stainless Steel Pan

So I’ve been using the two for the last couple days and I’ve found the the cast iron pan is really good for cooking steak, bacon and other meats. However, I tend to favor the stainless steel pan for eggs, onions and vegetables.


This morning I cooked bacon and scrambled eggs again, and they came out much better. I cooked the bacon on the cast iron on a lower heat, and I scrambled the eggs on the stainless steel pan. You can compare this to the breakfast I made yesterday. Nonetheless, the best way I’ve cooked scrambled eggs was in a small teflon pot, Gordon Ramsey style. Check out the photo.


Last night, after volleyball, I cooked a small piece of steak. I think I’ve got it it pretty much nailed down now. I’ve been able to get a near-perfect medium rare every time. It’s pretty quick and easy—it all comes down to timing.


I think the next thing I’d like to learn is braising meat in a pressure cooker.

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