Gravity Trailer

Not sure if I care for the movie, but I’m really digging the visual effects. There’s just something about looking at the earth from space that never gets old. This might have to be rental, but I’ll watch it regardlessly.

7 thoughts on “Gravity Trailer

  1. id watch this but not in theaters…im sure i’ll like it as much as Apollo 18, which, in the end, was way better than expected. but man how scary is that situation?

    • De fra Name it er kjempefint. Har brukt de i alle Ã¥r til Ingrid, og Cornelis har allerede fÃ¥tt to. Siden han brukte en i dÃ¥pen, som nÃ¥ er for liten. Vi har røde vi da. Ingrid kler rødt sÃ¥ godt, ogsÃ¥ vile jeg at de skulle ha like. naturligvis 🙂

    • Τα έχουμε ξαναπεί. Η πλειοψηφία των ΔΥ εργάζονται στην παιδεία, στην υγεία στις ένοπλες δυνάμεις στους δήμους και μαζεύουν τα σκουπίδια μας. Αν αποφασίσουμε ότι αυτοί οι τομείς δεν είναι σημαντικοί μιλάμε για υπερτροφικό δημόσιο.Μπορούν να μαζευτούν οι σπατάλες χωρίς να πειραχθούν οι μισθοί. Η ΑΔΕΔΥ είχε δώσει και συγκεκριμένους κωδικούς πριν κάποιους μήνες

    • I saw this movie when it was in the theater. It was clear that this young man was disturbed. I did not specifically think of schizophrenia but I am not well versed in that illness. I too was surprised by his lack of sexuality.I did not know about the ending before seeing this film. After the movie was over, I had to go into the bathroom and lock myself into a stall and cry until I was able to leave. It was such an emotional film.

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