Monday Music: Patriots Day Soundtrack


Okay, I’m cheating—I’m a day late. I forgot to post this yesterday… but I promise you this is worth it.

I was watching Patriots Day with Annie and her sister last week, and I noticed that the music sounded very… familiar.

These two songs are hitting all the right notes for me, and reminds me of some of Trent Reznor’s best work—The Fragile. If you like NIN, you need to check this out. I’m hoping that he does more work like this. It’s breath taking.

“Long Shadows on the Street”.

And this one is amazing too. I can’t wait to listen to these on my Sennheiser headphones tonight.

Ps. Patrick and some of his friends are hosting headphone/amplifier testing session. There’s going to be nearly two dozen high-end headphones there. It’s going to be bonkers… I’ve got to start picking out songs that I want to test.