The Impossible—The best movie you haven’t watched yet.

This is not the trailer, but it should have been. Pretty bad ass movie… probably one of the most intense stories I’ve seen recently. Based on a true story of the 2004 tsunami—read about it here. Hat tip: Annie

5 thoughts on “The Impossible—The best movie you haven’t watched yet.

  1. Just saw this film last night. INTENSE. Very well done film in every respect. It should have done better at the Oscars, but didn’t. Guess they should have cast Streep as the hero mom in it.

    • totally agree man. “intense” is the exact word to describe it. thought it was a brilliant movie… the most disturbing thing is that it was based on real events. When you watch real recordings of the tsunami, it’s frightening… nothing can really prepare you for a situation like that.

      • No kidding. The “leg moment” was the one that did me in the most.

        As someone who has fears of wounds that may not heal, this one freaked me out considerably and made the son, an instant hero to not collapse into denial and insanity at that early age.

        True love, that was. Made me hug my own family that might more tight last night.


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        • I nearly tossed my cookies when she pulled out the septic waste from her throat. Still gives me chills. *shivers*

          • Oh, yes. I blocked that part out.

            NOTE TO FILM VIEWERS: This Movie is a GREAT WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT: You will NOT want to eat for a long time after viewing it.

            The hospital puke-fest was crazy bad.

            Daughter just had to info fact it on Google today: Apparently the puke-goo was a collection of swallowed seaweed and bits of old rope, you know, along with lots of old blood.


            But, a great way to diet, I will add.

            Still haven’t eaten and it’s the next day.

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