Razer Gear


A complete set of Razer products at the Razer store in San Francisco.

So, I’ll admit that I secretly really want some of the gear made by Razer. The lights really don’t serve any purpose other than looking really cool. You don’t need be a Twitch streamer to appreciate this stuff—LED color changing lights are bad ass.

Foo, I thought of you when I saw this. I’m surprised you don’t have your entire home setup decked out with this stuff. The Razer mouse pad retails for $51.99, and their Mamba mouse is $79.44.

Ps. Check out that bokeh in the photo above. Rainbow bokeh! It doesn’t top my christmas tree bokeh though.


The Razer store hosting a game tournament on Friday afternoon in the mall.


The Razer store located in Westfield Mall in SF

This is a really cool store. I’ve been there a couple of times. I may actually try to compete at the next Hearthstone tournament. ^_^

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