Sunrise from My Room

IMG 0230 2

Photo of San Francisco from my room in Bernal Heights. Shot with the iPhone 7 Plus.

I woke up this morning and the sunrise was just absolutely fantastic. Now that I have my bike, I might have to ride up to the top of Bernal Heights park and snap some time lapse videos.

View of San Francisco from Bernal Heights

IMG 0222 2

Photo of San Francisco from Bernal Heights. Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus.

I went for a bike ride this weekend to test a couple routes for my daily commute. I think my favorite part was riding around Bernal Heights. While the hills are crazy steep, the views are fantastic.

That brings me to other news, I just picked up my new bike. I’ll write a blog post that dives deeper into the entire story, but I just wanted to let you know that I finally pull the trigger.

VR Vlog 002

Hanging out at the Facebook headquarters and playing with Oculus.

Today we made a trip out to Facebook to check out their campus, as well as take a peak at some of their latest toys. The new oculus is pretty damn sweet, and it’s a nice hardware improvement.

VR Vlog 001

First vlog about VR with the team.

Our team is exploring the VR space, and I wanted to document it with a vlog. I’m not sure if I can create video content every day, but I’m going to try to share our experience, ideas, and challenges.

Right now, I’m going to shoot it with my iPhone 7 plus. If you guys like it, I’ll use my DSLR and up the production value.

New Window Curtains

IMG 0117

My new window curtains, open.

As much as I like waking up to the sunrise, it’s nice to block out light for an afternoon nap. Also, I set up my xbox and projector in my room, so this is necessary for an optimal experience.

IMG 0118

Window curtains closed.

IMG 0119

Window blinds closed, just for comparison.

IMG 0120

Both window blinds and curtains closed.

Orens Hummus Shop and Boba with Annie and Julia


Pulled beef served inside hummus.

After watching the sunset near Pacifica, we went to Orens Hummus Shop.

Oren Dobronsky, a technologist with 4 successful start-ups under his belt was drawn to the Silicon Valley, the epicenter of today’s technology innovations. Life in the valley was good, but one thing was missing: a big plate of creamy Hummus like back home in Tel Aviv, with fresh Pita & Mediterranean salads. A true entrepreneur, Oren decided to take matters into his own hands. With the help of his wife Nancy, an experienced restaurateur, the couple opened Oren’s Hummus, an authentic Israeli restaurant.


Julia and Annie waiting outside and enjoying the evening weather.


Seasoned fries with a lovely spicy mayo sauce.


Chicken kabob dish with rice and falafels.

I thought the chicken kabob was pretty good. However, the rice was advertised as “basmati rice”… which felt a little unauthentic compared to some other basmati rice I’ve had.


Annie and Julia posing in front of the chandelier in the restaurant.


Boba at Teaspoon after dinner.


Fresh mango smoothie.


Annie getting her tea with tapioca.