The Scale of an Argument

Often times we’ll disagree at work. And some folks will argue just to argue. Sometimes I find myself guilty of this. The key thing is to give up the small battles to win the big ones. On a scale of 1 to 10, here’s how I rate the intensity of my arguments:

1. Let’s just hug it out.

2. I’m walking away.

3. Pillow fight!

4. I’m getting territorial.

5. I’m trying to negotiate with you calmly.

6. We’re flipping the bird.

7. I will take a slap to the face to win.

8. I will take a kick to the face to win.

9. I will take a kick to the nuts to win.

10. I stand in front of a train to win.

So, the next time you find yourself arguing with a coworker, use this scale (or a version of your own). You may find that you’re at a 5, and they’re at a 9… or vice versa.

Most arguments aren’t really worth the time. By letting go of the small ones, you build up social equity, and you can put that towards the big fights that matter.


Wow, probably one of the best written commercials I’ve seen in a while. Hat tip: Ifdy

Awesome handheld camera work on the video, btw.

English Teacher’s Response to Student’s Profane Letter


Pretty clever… but the teacher should inspire and encourage their students, not turn them off even further from writing.

It’d be like having a student walk out of a gym class, and the gym teacher starts doing 100 push ups in front of everyone… followed by saying, “do more push ups so you don’t look like a wimp”.

If anything, I feel like this is a failure, and it’s kind of sad to see.