Fort Funston with Annie and Julia


Julia and Annie standing on the edge of Fort Funston.

Annie and Julia decided to take a trip out to Cali for the week. As always, we like kicking off things at Fort Funston.


Sun touching down on the pacific ocean at 7pm.


Julia and Annie showing off their freshly manicured nails as the sun sets.


Photo of the Fort Funston precipice on a clear afternoon.


Close up of Julia and Annie enjoying the view.

What an amazing afternoon. No matter how many times I come out here, I’m always blown away by the view (as long as it’s not foggy).

Here are some photos of when I visited Fort Funston with Tiffanie. And here’s another time when I went with Patrick.

On a side note, I was thinking about doing a series on the dogs of California, similar to The Humans of New York. What do you guys think? Would you read posts about stories of dogs in Cali?

A Short Stroll Through Shoreline Park, Mountain View


Joe and Rudy posing next to the water reservoirs at Shoreline Park.

After our visit to the Computer History Museum, we grabbed some lunch and then did a quick hike over at Shoreline Park. I didn’t realize all of this was so near. The scenery was gorgeous, and it was nice to get a little sunshine and talk about tech.


A view of the lake with the mountains in the background.


A restaurant/bar next to the dock on the left.

The city of Mountain View bought the site in 1968 to build a recreational facility, but the cost of importing earth to raise it by 20 feet in order to prevent flooding was too high, so it was instead operated as a landfill accepting garbage from San Francisco. Shoreline Park opened in 1983, with some initial problems from methane fires. –Wikipedia


Rudy and Joe enjoying the view, with a slight breeze against their backs

Rudy mentioned about the landfill underneath the landscaping… and yes, there was a distinct hit of “fart” smell all around us. Other than that, it’s a lovely place.


After our short hike, Joe shares ideas about the future while sipping on his drink in the shade.

I’ll probably be out here again. Days like this make me wish I had a car or motorcycle so I could explore a little more.

Hiking at Mussel Rock


The California coastline is indescribable during a sunset. All the colors are surreal, almost a starting point for a painting by Dali.


Part of the experience isn’t just the colors, but the sounds of the birds, the warmth of the sun, and the breeze from the ocean.


Days like these make me regret selling my car. Most of the time I need to take an uber or public transportation to get to these kinds of views.


Perhaps in the future, there will be room for some sort of vehicle.


The amazing thing is that most of these views are within 20-30 minutes away from my current home.


There are days where I’m so focused on work and being productive, it’s easy to forget why we’re here. It’s nice to take a moment, take a breath of fresh air, and simply enjoy the moment.


There are all these techniques to reduce stress like meditation, listening to music, etc… but nothing brings me back to balance like watching our sun set into the horizon.

California Pt.2: Day 1

So I’m back from vacation. I spent a week over in Cali, traveling from San Francisco down to San Diego with Annie. I wanted to share some photos, so here we go!

Annie and I got up early to watch the sunrise at Bernal Heights.

DSC 0006

At first we were bummed that there was so much fog, but it turned out to be a perfect photo opportunity.

DSC 0036

We met up with Patrick and his roommates to eat some local ramen.

DSC 0053

Here’s what I ordered.

DSC 0055

Here’s what Annie ordered.

DSC 0056

Later we went to Lands End.

DSC 0098

The combination of the rocky shoreline and waves made a picture perfect scene.

DSC 0101

It’s pretty incredible that this is located inside San Francisco.

DSC 0125

Totally random, but there were a bunch people trying to balance rocks.

DSC 0127

If you look in the background, you’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge.

DSC 0132

And we had to climb the hill to watch the sunset. I had to set the camera up at the very edge.

DSC 0167

It doesn’t look high, but the next step is definitely a doosy.

DSC 0178

Later that night, Shaolin Bao!

DSC 0189

And to wrap up the evening, Annie and I went to Twin Peaks to take some long exposures of the city.

DSC 0202

Again, notice all the fog. Visibility was scarce.

DSC 0208