Sunset from the Office

IMG 0722

Photo of the sky from the office. Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Wow, what an amazing sunset. While San Francisco needed the rain this week, it’s definitely nice to see the sun through all the clouds.

IMG 0720

Another photo from the office.

Sunset from Bernal Heights

IMG 0294

Photo of an amazing sunset from Bernal Heights.

I was able to get home a little earlier and catch the sunset earlier this week, on my bike ride home.

IMG 0292

Photo of my ebike next to Bernal Heights.

IMG 0297

Photo of the sunset, shot with the iPhone 7 Plus.

This is a great reminder for me to get outside and enjoy the view.

Sunset Near Pacifica


Photo of the Sunset near Pacifica, next to Lands End Apartments.

After our lunch at Tartine, we went back to my apartment for a quick nap. We then went down to a spot near Pacifica to watch the sunset. I found this place when I was apartment hunting earlier this year.


Light reflecting off the waves along the coastline.

There’s still a part of me that wants to move out to this part of town. The view is just incredible—could you imagine watching this every evening? Even better, doing astrophotography once the stars come out? 😗


Annie watching the sun as it touches down.

Then again, I think we just got lucky with the weather. I heard it gets kind of foggy out here.

Sunset at Treasure Island


Photo of San Francisco from Treasure Island with Annie (left) and Julia (right).

On our way to Oakland, we stopped by Treasure Island to snag some photos during the sunset.

Treasure Island is an artificial island in San Francisco Bay. –Wikipedia


Heart shape created by Annie and me.


Julia and Annie taking a selfie.

It was fun spending time with Annie’s sister on this trip. I got to know her much better, and vice versa. The biggest thing I’ve learned this trip is that she likes her landmarks and selfies. Hah! All jokes aside, Annie has a great family and they’re a joy to be around.

Fort Funston with Annie and Julia


Julia and Annie standing on the edge of Fort Funston.

Annie and Julia decided to take a trip out to Cali for the week. As always, we like kicking off things at Fort Funston.


Sun touching down on the pacific ocean at 7pm.


Julia and Annie showing off their freshly manicured nails as the sun sets.


Photo of the Fort Funston precipice on a clear afternoon.


Close up of Julia and Annie enjoying the view.

What an amazing afternoon. No matter how many times I come out here, I’m always blown away by the view (as long as it’s not foggy).

Here are some photos of when I visited Fort Funston with Tiffanie. And here’s another time when I went with Patrick.

On a side note, I was thinking about doing a series on the dogs of California, similar to The Humans of New York. What do you guys think? Would you read posts about stories of dogs in Cali?